Monday, January 25, 2016

Music really is the universal language

I love how in my work I am asked to do something I've never done before and how this new discovery makes me feel inspired to keep learning. Last week I played music for a memorial service for a former neighbor and friend.  She was from Norway and lived many years in Sweden and so I was asked to play the music of the Swedish troubadour, Evert Taube.  The song I was requested to play on my guitar was a beautiful one called, "Lill Lindfors" and after hearing it once, it brought me to tears.  Have a listen to it yourself and see how hauntingly beautiful it is:

Pictured above is the transcription I wrote of this haunting melody and translated into a solo guitar piece. I've never done such a thing before and I loved the challenge of finding ways to articulate the emotional nuances of Evert Taube into my playing. Such an example of music being the Universal Language too. I cannot understand the words in Swedish but I can definitely understand the emotional sensitivity that Evert Taube gives to this song.

Here is a recording of it, though a very rough draft:  Lill Lindors.I hope you enjoy the beauty of that piece. I also played, "Nocturne," and "Brysson Lull."  I felt honored to be able to play music for such a special occasion. She was loved and remembered  by many and we will miss her.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A New Year's Eve recollection

Happy New Year, everyone!  I wanted to tell you about my New Year's Eve gig and experience.    I played some solo guitar music at a local Labyrinth walk at the Unitarian church. It is such a nice way to reflect upon the year ending and a new one to come. I shared playing music with a friend who played her hammered dulcimer. We set up a code to let me know when it was my turn to play by her playing, "Simple Gifts".   We had to have some quiet way to make the transition without talking or much movement in the room so as not to disrupt the walkers. I was set up across the room with a little desk on my lap I made to do my art work as I waited my turn to play. Pictured above is what I worked on through the night.  A page from my Mehndi Designs coloring book.

I was so "into it" that I think Suzane must have been in her second time playing "Simple Gifts" before I realized she was summoning me to play guitar. It was such a peaceful and creative space to be in. It was the mood I had been craving for a long time. Since December was such a busy month, I really needed some kind of restorative activities. I love this about the Labyrinth walk. We are all doing our own thing together in silence. Some walking, some seated and reflecting, some waiting to walk.

I enjoyed seeing the Labyrinth filled with people and a nice metaphor too. People of all ages and walks of life and beliefs walking the path together. Making room for each other, getting out of the way at times, smiling to each other, nodding a silent "hello", sitting in the circle together.

And so a year has ended and a new one has begun. I am very optimistic about this New Year! How about you?  Do you make any resolutions? For me, I am working on dreaming bigger and finding new ways to be with people with music.  I wonder where this year will take me? You will soon see.

Wishing you all happiness, prosperity and good health in the coming new year and always! Thank you for visiting!