Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rapunzel's Gig & the Big Storm!

It was quite an adventure playing out at Rapunzel's in Nelson County VA last night! It was 102 degrees out yesterday and not good weather for folks to venture out. But venture, they did (thank you!) and I had a good first set with friends Sandy Goodson (flute & guitar) and Jean Sampson (poet) joining me. I tried a few new things that was fun for me. One of them was that I made up a blues song (lyrics to a blues melody I play) --I had audience members choose the topic. Chris in the audience said, "motherless child" and I sang,

"I woke up this morning and my kid was gone,
I woke up this morning and my kid was gone
I hope he won't be gone too long...

I went downtown and I found my son
I went downtown and I found my son
and he looked like he was having some fun

I know he's bad
but he's all I've had.."

... don't remember the rest of the words.. 

Another new thing I tried was doing a drum & flute improv with Sandy. She brought in a bunch of percussion instruments and gave them out to the audience. They seemed to enjoy jamming along with us.

Then it was  break time and that's when the power went out! Boom! Derecho. No warning... total blackness. We could hear howling winds ripping through town. The staff was resourceful and lit a bunch of candles and I continued with the show.

Without the AC on, it was very hot in there and it was so unusual singing to an audience in the dark like that but we all needed to wait out the storm.

When the storm died down enough, I ended the evening so folks could get home safely. We managed to find all our instruments in the dark with our cell phone lights but learned that the hwy going home was closed down due to fallen trees. My friend Kate put Jean and I up for the night and this morning we had cold coffee and peanut butter on graham crackers for breakfast. What an adventure! I am so glad to be home and I think I will fix me another cup of coffee!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More from the Adult Learning Center

Pictured above is a flag from the Adult Learning Center in Charlottesville where ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) take classes. Written on the stripes are the reasons they came to America.

Today was volunteer appreciation day at the ALC and the students made this lovely piece of artwork picture above for the teachers. I loved playing there today!

A Colorful Place

The Adult Learning Center in Cville is a colorful place. It is so by way of the different people from all over the world and from the colorful art work all over the walls. Check out the beautiful piece that is pictured above.

Today I lead a a sing along of traditional American Songs with the ESL people and we had a pot luck lunch too. I am home for a break and will go back for dinner and do a Scene I,  Take II but with new students this time.

It sure is fun singing with people and being part of a colorful community!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Morning at Hope Community Center

Each month I sing with a JABA (Jefferson Board for the Aging) group at the  Hope Community Center.  I usually don't go on a Wed. and as a result of doing so today, I met some new people. It is a mixed population with a fair amount of African American people and so I love to sing some old Spirituals with them. Songs like, "Down the the Riverside", "Wade in the Water", "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".  Always, "Stand By Me" goes over well with all ages. Great song!

Probably my favorite song we did was, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken". Since the song is a sad one.. I like to also make up new verses. I sang:

"Well I came here in this morning
just to sing and make a friend
and I'm singing, and I'm hoping
that you'll have me back again

Will the circle be unbroken
by and by lord by and by
there's a better home awaitin' in the sky
in the sky"

After we sing, we all have lunch together.  Today was some birthday cake too--so you know where I am off to after this entry. (to the gym! :)

PS how do you like that bright red color of the Hope Community Center?! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ivy Creek Foundation Nature Sing Along

Well, I went out on a limb and created a sing along event at our nature center, Ivy Creek Foundation.
The songs were mostly about nature and animals. The picture above is the Education building where we did the sing along.   This is the same building they have presentations on  all sorts of things like frogs, bats, astronomy, birding, beekeeping, hiking, tracking. (and now...singing)

It was a small but very appreciative audience tonight. I think all the songs about Bears were probably my favorites. Do you know these songs, "The Bear Went Over the Mountain", "Waltzing With Bears" and "Teddy Bear's Picnic"? --they are fun songs to sing.

I also got a little crazy and created a few parodies. Here is one:

Ivy Creek (Edelweiss)

Ivy Creek, Ivy Creek
It’s a nice place to meet friends
Bird watchers, trail blazers
I am happy to be here

Meet at the barn for a morning walk
Birding walk together
Ivy Creek, Ivy Creek
Bless these trails and forever

We ended the evenings singing a few songs from the peace movement, "Down By the Riverside", "Blowin' in the Wind", "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" and "If I had a Hammer."

It was fun! Oh and if you are reading this and you live around here,  I am doing another sing along there on July 3rd at 3:30. Why not come and sing and then go out for a hike!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mudhouse in Crozet gig

Here I am with my friends Ursula Goadhouse & Maia Oden. They are songstresses as well as myself and last night we had a gig together at the Mudhouse in Crozet. We each did a solo set and then sang one song together, "Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child".

My favorite moment of the evening was singing my song, "Once I was the Wind" 
and when Maia came in with her harmonies, I got the goosebumps. That is a way I know something is magical in the air, the goosebump experience.  What gives you the goosebumps?

A man in the audience was so moved by that song and he approached me in tears and told me he was never so moved by any song as he was that one. So, I gave him my CD and told him that song is on it and it was my gift to him. He then told me he had been going through hard times financially and otherwise.  Later I saw when his wife joined him at the table, he held up my CD to her and said, "she gave this to me!" and I learned that it was much more gratifying for me to have given a CD away than having sold it. It was a big gift to me!

Another ESOL event

A week or so ago I did another sing along event with an ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) at Albemarle High School here in town. It was part of their graduation ceremony.  It was a lot of fun! The picture below is not very good but it is of someone coming to get their certificate.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Amazing Rainbow sighting!

The other night here in Charlottesville, I saw the most amazing double rainbow I had ever seen. The colors were the brightest ever and it lasted such a long time. I took some photos of it but they really didn't capture the immense beauty. But here is one of my photos above for you to enjoy.