Sunday, February 2, 2020

39 Years of Guitar books!

I have now been playing the guitar for 45 years. It all started out innocently enough when my family moved to a new neighborhood and I met a girl my age who played the guitar. I was immediately enchanted with it and I loved that we could sit outside on her porch and sing and play. At the time, I played drums in my high school band and I was aware that the whole neighborhood could hear me practicing on my drum set. The guitar appealed to me because I could go in my room and shut the door and create a whole world of music in privacy. I loved that it was a rhythmic instrument that playcd melody too. In short, I was hooked.

Over the years, I went through many phases.  The longest and most influential phase was when I studied the classical guitar. I studied for 7 years in Chicago with a private teacher. In the photo above on top is the first classical guitar book I ever had in 1981. From there I grew to love Bach and Andrew York and Carlvaro and Bogdonovich and all sorts of guitar composers. I traveled to Germany one summer to a Classical Guitar Festival and enjoyed going to the Guitar Foundation of America in Charleston, SC one year.

All of this came up because I am getting ready to move in the fall and so it is time to look at some of the things I have been carrying with me on my shelves all these years.  I have never wanted to throw these books pictured above away, but it is true, I no longer use them.

However, I found a music school in SC that will use them in their music library! I am very happy that my sentimental memories will be enjoyed by more people.

Thanks for the memories!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Farewell to a decade and hello to 2020!

I spent the last week of 2019's holiday season playing music for those needing an extra boost. On Christmas Day, I went to the local homeless shelter and played my guitar. It was my first time there and I was grateful to offer some musical respite from being outside. The shelter is in the basement of a church and I sat in one of the rooms playing some holiday and original music on my guitar.  I know that music is such a bridge that allows me access into the lives of people I would ordinarily never encounter. The man who worked at the desk told me I'd be welcome to come back anytime he is there. I plan to do that!

I also played for a man at the hospital in ICU as he was given his last rites. His mother stood by as the nurse tended him and the chaplain read the rites. I played, "Amazing Grace," on my guitar.  It was a very moving ceremony and I was touched to see the nurse in tears as well. I felt privileged to be in  that I could contribute to the last moment's of this man and his family.

As always, I am grateful to do the work I am able to do and I wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!