Thursday, June 28, 2018

An unexpected gift

Today I paid a musical visit to a local assisted living center. When I walked in the door, I was greeted by a woman who was playing the piano. She asked me if I was going to play too and I said we could play together. She liked this idea but the only songbook she had was a Christmas book. 

We played "Silent Night" and our best was, "What Child is This." She did not seem to notice they were Christmas songs and no one else seemed to mind either  Then she invited me to come and see her room. I was impressed when I saw she had decorated her tiny room with coloring pages she had done. Her room was tidy and very charming. 

We sat and visited awhile and at one point she asked me if I'd like to see her clothes. When she opened her closet, there was nothing in it except for about two dozen blouses hanging on the rack. (no clutter or possessions on the floor) When I complimented a pretty blue and yellow sun and moon shirt (pictured above), she took it out and said, "You can have it!" I tried to tell her that I could not take something from her but she insisted. I was so touched by this woman who had so little and wanted to give me something. It sure brightened my day to meet her!

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