Friday, December 2, 2011

I hand over my guitar...

Today at the hospital I was playing in the CCU in the hallway outside of several rooms. I was playing for about 30 mins, when  a man suddenly came out of the room closest to me. In tears he approached me and asked in between sobs, "can I borrow your guitar? I want to play her a hymn." At first I had a hard time understanding him as he was crying and not speaking clearly. He held out his hand and with his other he showed me his wallet. I understood then he asked to borrow my guitar. I normally never let anyone borrow my guitar but in this instance, I handed it over to him. I could hear the chords playing something in the room but I deliberately didn't listen too closely to give them privacy. About 10 minutes later,  he came out with my guitar and handed it back to me while still crying. I saw then one of the Chaplains was also in the room.   I was glad I could be of service, even though it was not a request I get often.

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