Sunday, April 6, 2014

A musical meetup

This past weekend was a great time at the meetup with others in the Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss (AAMHL) .  It's an organization I've belonged to since I got my cochlear implant in 2009. Others in the group share their love of music in spite of severe hearing loss. Pictured above are my friends Wendy, Janice, and Angela working out their parts for the hand chimes ensemble workshop. This was a lot of fun as some of us in the group are especially challenged when it comes to playing in an ensemble for it can be hard to hear themselves over the others.  This challenge was met by having a looping device around us with our hearing devices in "telecoil mode".

We also had a CART Provider, (pictured in the background)  who put our verbal instructions into captions on a large screen in front of us. You all have seen this in court rooms. In fact, our CART provider, Lois Boyle  does court captioning too as well as Broadway productions. It's a fascinating profession and I enjoyed learning more about it from her this weekend.

In addition to hand chimes ensemble, I gave a workshop on musical improvisation   and we all shared some songs we're working on too. We also watched the excellent documentary, "Lost and Sound"  about others with severe hearing loss and how they lost and later found their way back to music.

It was a fine time and I really enjoyed myself!

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