Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dem Bones of mine

I recently started a small rhythm bones collection. Above pictured from right to left are bones made of hickory, ebony and maple.  The hickory and maple bones are minstrel style bones which means they are shaped like ribs. These are the old traditional style bones that were played back in the old minstrel shows. My ebony bones are from Ireland and played in (you guessed it) Irish music. There are lots of ways to play the bones and they are a lot of fun to play. I am still a beginner using a two hand approach but hoping to get some good licks down soon, so I can bring them along to my shows at nursing homes.

These are fun instruments to learn and there is even a Rhythm Bones Society where you can learn all about players of bones and how to play them. There's lots of information out there.  Folk music enthusiasts would be familiar with the popular old time band Carolina Chocolate Drops.  They take the old time songs and really jazz them up good! Here is a video of Dom Flemons playing fast and wild bones here:

I am having a good time playing these things, although I must say my cat Jasper does not like them at all. I suspect once I master them a bit more, he will sleep through it all just as he does my other musical endeavors. Have you heard of the bones before?

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