Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dave Matthews & the Shiny Black Ovation guitar

Back in 1992 I bought a shiny black guitar that now has the ability to change lives. This is because this guitar used to belong to Dave Matthews during the years 1991-92. It is quite likely Dave wrote the songs that became the foundation of the DMB career with this guitar.

The guitar is going to be auctioned off at in May with the proceeds to benefit the Music Resource Center here in Charlottesville. It's a guitar I used to record my first album "Lines of Change" on too.

The story of how I came to own this beautiful guitar and donated to the Music Resource Center (MRC)  is best well summarized by the story in the Daily Progress article here.

Above I am pictured with the guitar on the steps of the MRC in October of 2013, the day I donated it.

I work as a certified music practitioner  playing therapeutic music for patients in ICU at UVa Hospital. I also work with people with special needs for VSA arts and back in May I won an award for this work. 

I love to play at weddings (classical guitar) and write my own songs. You can listen to samples of my wedding repertoire here. Other music I compose, you can find here. I appreciate your support for purchasing my recordings!  Thanks to all who have done so!
Feel free to get in touch by email or leave a message here!

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