Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oasis Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA

I had such a nice time playing at this gallery in Harrisonburg last night! It was a small but very appreciative audience. It is such a good feeling when people really resonate with what my songs are about.  Something I love about doing gigs are the surprises that surface.  In the case of last night, I had written down a couple of ideas for songs to play and I nearly scratched an idea to do an Am medley.  This medley includes a few of my own original instrumental pieces as well as some known ones like "Classical Gas" and "Shine on Harvest Moon".    So it was a pleasant surprise when I decided to go ahead and play it that the audience really liked it.

Quite often when I play out for people, I do a fair amount of talking in between songs. Many times things i say are not at all planned out and I find myself surprised by what surfaced. Last night I told them that as a girl I dreamed of being  a detective.  I was influenced by TV shows growing up such as, "Mannix," "Mission Impossible", "Perry Mason", "Man from U.N.C.L.E.", "Get Smart", etc. You get the idea. I told them that being a performing musician was the closest thing that would resemble being a detective. This is because from gig to gig, I never know what will happen. Who will show up, how they will respond, what the place will be like.. etc. Each time I am often surprised by something.

I am glad I found a way to live an adventurous life! Here's a photo from Oasis last night:

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