Monday, February 20, 2012

64 Crayola's colors

Today I was sent to a little girls' room in Pediatric ICU to play music for her.  Her mother was also in the room with her.  After I asked if I could play for her, the girl asked her mother if she could color while they listened to music. "Sure" came her mother's answer and she handed her a box of 64 Crayola crayons and a Unicorn coloring book. I told the girl that when I was young, I so much wanted that big box of crayons with 64 colors and even a sharpener on the box. It seemed too good to be true. Then the girl showed me a color called Macaroni & Cheese-- have you ever heard of such a thing? It's probably a good thing they didn't have this color when I was a child, I was the kind of girl that would have tried to eat one.

We had such a nice visit. We talked about country music, stuffed animals, favorite movies in between songs I played.

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