Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From one blog to another..

Today I was reviewed in an interesting blog in the UK called 27 Leggies.  I have been submitting my CD to blogs for review and so it is great to see others responding. I know these folks get lots and lots of submissions, so I am real lucky to be featured here: (scroll down a bit to find my review)

I am pleased he chose "Innermission No. 50" to be featured because this song was a complete fluke that it ended up on my CD.   It is of me improvising my Native American flute with Jeff Romano playing guitar.  It is the result of an experiment and gift I gave to myself for my 50th birthday.  What could I do to mark the occasion of turning 50?  A friend and I talked about skydiving, but we chickened out when a few deaths were reported from bad falls that year. So, instead, I booked the studio and here is what we did:


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